Bath Bomb Review

I LOVE bath bombs, but they can get expensive. My husband found Bodycology bath bombs at Kohl’s a few months ago. They are cheap- $5 for 8 and they smell pretty good. When I used them, my skin felt pretty smooth. I was impressed


This is the scent I usually use. They are fairly decent sized too. It did take them awhile to fizz, so that was something that I wish was better.

Yesterday I was in Target and was looking in the beauty/makeup section and found another brand of bath bombs. They are from the brand Me! Bath.

I saw that they were vegan and animal cruelty free. I like trying to find things that are as “clean” as possible because I use enough products that aren’t good.



I just finished using one in my bath. I got the pomegranate scent and noticed they were a little smaller than the Bodycology brand, but the scent was a lot stronger, which was good for when I sat in the bath. The bath smelled really nice, but the true test was does it fizz and does it leave my skin smooth?? It fizzed and dissolved within seconds and my skin feels like I just put lotion on. They come in a bag of 6 and are $8-10, but they are totally worth it for the lower end of bath bombs. Some bath bombs can be that much for one, so $8-10 is not too bad. Overall, I am more impressed with the Me! Bath brand. It was a little more expensive, but my skin is a lot more smooth and the smell was stronger and smelled better. I want to try other scents of this brand to see how I like it

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