Book Review: Fierce Hope

fierce hope

Repost from June 27, 2017

About a year ago I saw a girl on Facebook named Savanna Hartman. She was doing a spoken word and I was moved by it. I started following her on social media and researched her. Come to find out, she and her husband are ministers at a church in Tampa, Florida. When her first book came out, I had to get it. I ordered it on Amazon and swore I would read it all and not quit. I always fill my holds up on my digital library, so I would start reading her book and then a book would become available and I would read it. I took it with me on vacation last week and I swore I would finish it and I did. Let me tell you, Savanna has a true passion for God and she puts things into perspective in her book.

Fierce Hope is about having hope in God despite war, genocide, terrorism, slavery, etc. These things happen and we don’t understand them, but she offers different ways at looking at it. It is easy for us to blame, judge, and say horrible things about these devastating acts, but God is the only hope and peace we will have in all of this. I still don’t understand some of these things, but the book made me look at it a little differently.

This book is not really complex or even in depth, but by reading it, I believe I have a better understanding of all of these things. Check out the book and check out this Spoken word that sparked the idea for the book, Fierce Hope. 

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