Wal Mart Beauty Spring Box

*Repost from March 6

I havent been subscribing to my Ipsy or FabFitFun boxes because FFF is a little expensive and Ipsy keeps sending me the same samples. One box I have kept because it is cheap is the Wal Mart Box. I have been trying to not spend as much on beauty products and I feel that trying drug store brands will help save some money. I have found some good drug store beauty products that work just as well as the expensive stuff.

Anyway, I got my spring box today, so I will post what I got.


I usually use Secret Clinical Strength because I need a strong deodorant (thanks to my hormones changing after Eli), but I may try this, especially if it is cheaper.


After I wash my face, I plan on trying this. I have been into trying different masks, moisturizers, and scrubs for my face. My mom always taught me to take care of my skin so I dont look like a leather suitcase when I get old.


I am all about softening for the face/body and shine for hair, so I will definitely be trying this.


I already have the nighttime relief in the tub and am soaking as we speak. I feel really relaxed, but it could be because I am taking a nice bath and listening to some relaxing music too. Let’s see how I sleep tonight.


I am a tried and true men’s razor user just because they get closer and I feel they do a better job, but I may keep this as a back up in case I run out of razors


I have become a fan of Aveeno lately. I have used the baby lotion and wash for Eli since he was born, and I have been using the brightening cleanser and the moisturizer for a few months. For a drug store brand, it is pretty good. I like the lotion for myself too, so I will be using this.

Wal Mart sends good samples and usually send a few full size samples. If you don’t want to spend a bunch of money on subscription boxes, the Wal Mart Box is the way to go


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