War Binder

So, I have had a prayer journal for some time now, but it was just a college ruled notebook with just writing on the inside and nothing much else. I have seen people taking travelers notebooks and making really cute journals with them, so a few days ago I ordered a notebook, some inserts and stickers. I have all my inserts in and have planned what each insert will be used for. Below are pictures of my journal and inserts and a description of what each insert will be used for.


This journal came plain and I just added the sticker from the packet I got. I didn’t want to add too much to the front.


The first insert will be used for scripture. I didn’t want to add too much to the cover because it already has a pattern, so I just added a Bible journal card I bought and attached it with some stickers. In my journal insert, I am going to split it up in sections- marriage, children, job, encouragement/other and enemies. Scriptures will be written for each of these categories because these categories are ones I feel I need most in my life. To prepare to start writing in my scripture section, I went through all my highlighted verses in my Bible app and gave each category a specific highlight color. When I go to write my scriptures down, I can reference to the color I want to write down or focus on that day.


This section is the worship section. I just added a couple of stickers and a Bible journal card. I will be using this section to write down worship lyrics, poems, etc.


This section is going to be used for Bible Study/ Sermon notes. I will put my notes from Sunday services as well as my Podcasts I listen to or devotionals I read.  I just added a Bible journal card and some stickers. The gold heart was already on the insert, so I just put the God sticker in the middle because He is my heart.


This was my first attempt at decorating an insert. This is the insert that came with my journal. I just got my other inserts today. This insert came a few days ago and it was plain. I didn’t think I would like it, but I think I actually like the plain ones better because you can decorate it more and it doesn’t look cluttered because there is not a pattern on it. If I add more inserts in the future, I will probably buy plain ones. This insert is for my prayers. I have it sectioned already (hence the post-its). I will probably use my decorative paper clips that came with my inserts (they are in a couple of the other pictures ) to keep my place. My sections are Eli, Chris, family, work, church, and other. I have already written prayers down for Chris and Eli. I chose these sections because those are the most important parts of my life.

This is the start of my journal. I am excited to keep adding to it and hopefully I will be able to connect with God more.

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