Style Encore Haul

I have made 2 trips to Style Encore in the past couple of weeks. If you don’t know what Style Encore is, is it is a store in Centerville, Ohio that is a second hand clothing store. They don’t take junior brand names, so it is geared toward working women instead of teens. You can find name brand clothes like Anne Taylor, J. Crew, etc for really cheap. I barely buy new anymore. I thought I would share some of my “maternity” finds.

This is just a flowy floral top I bought. I thought it would look nice for work with a pair for skinny khaki pants or a pair or skinny blue pants and flats.

I am all about comfort during pregnancy and this just a striped green shirt to wear with jeans and flats. I will probably pair it with a silver chain or some kind of accessory.

Another casual shirt. It is a plaid short sleeved shirt to wear with jeans.

I don’t have a whole lot of white jewelry, but I thought these would be cute with white pants and some kind of top with it. I had to get these because 1. They were $5 and 2. I like statement necklaces/ earrings .

These are kind of corny, but I thought they would be cute for Mother’s Day and I am so blessed to be a mom, so why not??

I will jump at the chance to get anything with crosses or inspirational sayings on it, so I found this kind of “rustic” looking bracelet and thought I would get it.

As you can probably tell, I like stripes… it probably isn’t a good thing since they make me look bigger in the chest and belly right now, but I am pregnant and I have an excuse. Black and white can be paired with several different colored pants and goes well dressed up or down. I love versatile clothing, especially since I won’t be wearing it long.

This is a dress that is actually from Forever 21. I am surprised they had it in Style Encore and I am surprised it was a loose fit for a large, since they are a junior clothing store. It is short sleeved, so I plan to wear it when it gets warmer.

For those of you who are first time moms- when you pack for the hospital, don’t pack tight fitting clothes, jeans, etc. You will want to be as comfortable as possible in the hospital so pack pjs and sweats for your stay. If you want to look “cute” when you leave the hospital, pack a cute flowy dress or maxi. That way no matter what kind of birth you have (c- section or natural) you will be comfortable and it won’t rub your stitches or lady parts 🙂

Ok, back to the clothes…

I bought this scarf with a specific use for it. I have a chambray shirt and dress and I thought it would be cute with either, which leads me to my last picture….

The shirt and pants aren’t new, but I bought them at Style Encore or Clothes Mentor awhile back and I thought this would make a good outfit. Sorry about the shirt. It is clean, but it will be ironed when I wear it next. I am taking after my mom- I cant go out of the house with wrinkled clothes!

Do any of you shop second hand? If so, where???

4 thoughts on “Style Encore Haul

  1. whiskeyandmerlot March 25, 2018 — 10:10 pm

    Love your haul! I shop thrift stores all the time.


    1. Where are you from? They are all over the US. If you look on their website, there may be one close to you.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. whiskeyandmerlot March 25, 2018 — 10:15 pm

        I’m in Florida 🖤 I’ll have to look them up! Thank you!


      2. There is one in Orlando, Brandon, Waterford Lakes, Palm Beach Gardens, Stuart, and Ft Meyers.

        Liked by 1 person

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