Recipe: Southern Cabbage

My husband likes kilbasa sausage with a couple sides. I usually fix mashed potatoes and a green of some sort. He doesn’t like cabbage and I love it, so I made just enough today for myself for dinner tonight. I havent really made it homemade before. I usually get the canned southern cabbage, and it is good, but I wanted to make my own. Below is how I made mine.

I started by filling my pan with chicken broth, tearing up the cabbage, adding bacon bits- I didn’t have real bacon, so I improvised, and added some onion flakes. I started cooking on low and stirring everything for a couple of minutes to let everything soak together. After a couple of minutes, I put it on high and put the lid on for a few minutes.

When it was cooking, I added a little bit of salt (didn’t really need to do that, the broth gave it enough flavor) and let it cook a little longer. This is what it looked like when I finished. I could have made more, but I will have another side and the sausage and that will be enough for dinner.

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