I was listening to the Bible on CD when I was in my car today. It was on Numbers 11. In this chapter, the Israelites were complaining about the manna that God gave them to eat. They wanted meat and referred to when they were in Egypt and ate whatever they wanted. Instead of being grateful to God for delivering them from slavery and Egypt and for providing hundreds of thousands of them with food, they complained. This made my heart hurt because even over 2000 years later, we are still complaining. We complain about our circumstances rather than be grateful for what we do have or trusting that God will deliver us from our circumstances.

Moses also complains in this chapter. He questions God’s decision in making him a leader. Churches all over preach about what an awesome leader Moses was, but throughout the Old Testament he questions God and His decision about making him a leader. He makes excuses as to why he can’t do it (ie- speech problems). Rather than be honored and be bold, he is constantly questioning God.

These were just a couple of things that I was thinking about as I listened to Numbers today. It still applies today. We have too many people complaining and questioning God when we should have grateful hearts and be bold.

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