I recently decided to try the toothpaste I have seen every one trying and swearing by. If you haven’t heard of NuSkin, you need to try it. It is a company that sells several beauty and health products. I was talked to about it by a girl I know and I was skeptical about being a distributor until I tried it. I also bought a daily moisturizer to try because my skin has been so dry lately.

Let’s just say…. I am sold!

The toothpaste comes with or without fluoride. I chose the fluoride and the first time trying it I was afraid it would taste gross, because let’s be honest- most toothpaste that claims to whiten at least 3 shades is usually not that great. When I was finished brushing, I was excited because the toothpaste tasted great and my teeth felt clean all day. Usually after being at work, eating lunch and going the whole day before brushing in the evening, my teeth usually had that scummy feeling , but after using this, they still felt clean. I am currently pregnant and very cautious about trying things like this, but this is safe enough for pregnant women and kids.

The next product I ordered with my toothpaste was the moisture restore day. It is a day moisturizer. I have had very dry skin lately. Part of the reason for that is because I am pregnant and a teacher- I need to hydrate, but haven’t been very good at doing that because I cant go to the bathroom whenever I want. I am trying to hydrate more, but sometimes I get busy too.


I put this on one morning and my dry skin was a lot less noticeable by the end of the day. It is a day moisturizer, but I will use it before bed too because I am that addicted to how it is making my skin feel. It comes in a fairly small bottle, but it doesn’t take much to use. I am trying to not be greedy with it, but it is addicting!

I am sold on the products I have tried so far. It has been just over a week since I started using them and I have already put in another order to try two more products that Nu Skin has to offer.

If you are interested in these products or the company, follow me on Facebook at nuskinbyaimee and on Instagram at nuskinbyaimee2018.

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