Last Maternity Haul

I have just a few things I was able to wear to work that are spring clothes, so I needed to get some casual shorts and shirts to make it these last few weeks before Micah comes. I went to my tried and true Clothes Mentor and picked up a few things.

Just a lightweight floral top to wear with jean shorts or jeans

I like longer jeans, so I picked up these Bermuda jean shorts. They fit kind of small, but I thought I could wear them after Micah is born for a few weeks until I lose the baby weight.

I was feeling summery and just wanted a causal shirt to wear with jean shorts

I didn’t try this dress on until I got home because I found it at the end and it is a medium , but it fit once I got home. It is a flowy, longer dress, but I thought I could wear it once Micah is born. I loved the sandals too. They have kind of an “African” feel to them. My girls at school would have probably liked them.

Outfit for Memorial Day weekend. Basic white maternity shorts and a red, white and blue top.

One more pair of jean shorts. Jeans are my thing. Love them.

The next thing didn’t come from Clothes Mentor and I will probably will wait until I lose some weight after Micah is born to wear it, but I had to get this. It fits, but I need more coverage at the top. For those of you who know me, you know I LOVE Journey and I love the song “Don’t Stop Believing,” so I had to get this.

The next outfit is Eli’s. It is his outfit for Memaw and Papaw’s cook out tomorrow. Memaw got him a couple outfits too. She didn’t know I bought him something, so he will have some outfits for tomorrow, Monday and the 4th. Sporting our nation’s colors never goes out of style 🙂

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