Shopping Haul

I wasnt planning on buying anything while out today, but I found some great things I couldn’t pass up. Here are a few things I found.

Got this hydrating serum from Sephora. It is by Tarte. I have super dry skin and it seems to be working really well so far.

I love anything pineapple flavored and I found this pina colada lip scrub at Miss Selby’s at The Greene. I love Miss Selby’s because it is all natural. If you live out of state, check out her site at Miss Selby’s Soap

I also bought some of her soap, which is what I usually buy when I go there. I bought the Angel scent this time and it does smell heavenly (pun intended 😊)

This is also from Sephora. It is Tarte’a Mermaid line and the color is in salt lyfe. So far it looks good on. I just have to use a gloss with it because I dont really like the feel of lipstick by itself on my lips.

This is how it looks on. Not too dark, not too light.

I want to try to use less chemicals in the products I use, so I found this laundry soap. I thought it would be good to use when Micah comes and I bought a lavender kind for help sleeping for him.

Any time I can find a big brother or little brother shirt, I have to get it. I had to get this when I saw it today. I like the vintage look.

I cant get Eli a big brother shirt without finding a little brother shirt/onesie. I had to get this too.

And lastly I had to get these nude flats. I got through nude flats a lot because they go with everything and can be dressy or casual.

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