Wal- Mart Haul

I have always been a name brand girl, but since becoming a parent, I have started looking for cheaper options. I am addicted to Style Encore and Clothes Mentor, but I passed a cute top at Wal Mart the other day and decided to look on the website last night. Did you know they sell high end brands on the site? I saw a Kate Spade purse and some other nicer brands, so I started looking through the clearance and found some awesome deals for fall. Hopefully the quality is good, but if not, I can just go back and return them.

Found this cute kimono for $13.99 . It also came in maroon and gray.

This was $10.99 . It came in several other colors. I plan on wearing it with leggings and boots by itself or with the mustard cardigan I found (see below).

This was the most expensive of what I bought. It was $21.99, but I had to get it. I have been wanting a mustard colored cardigan for a long time. There are so many options. I can wear it with the dress above or with serveral other options. I am short and I know longer cardigans are a fashion no-no, but fashion rules are rules I dont mind breaking 🙂

This was $10.00. I thought it would be good with the kimono or the cardigan I bought or by itself. I like to get items that will go with several things.

This was $9.58. This is one I hope is good quality. I love long, chunky sweaters with jeans and boots.

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