Nutrisystem Hacks

I was going to include some of my “hacks” in my other post, but I thought it would be better to make a separate post.

These are just a few things I have been doing or have found through my first few days

I have used 0 calorie hot sauce for some of the more bland meals to give it some spice. Sauces and herbs that are 10 calories or less are allowed on this program

I used to sell Beachbody and one of the programs was the 21 Day Fix, which is a portion control program. I use my veggie containers from that program for my veggies, that way I know exactly how much I can have and I can just store them in the fridge until I need them.

This is a recipe for unlimited soup for the program. I have not made it yet, but you are able to have as much as you want on the program, especially during Turbo week when you may get hungry. I may use this for the following weeks.

For those of you on Nutrisystem, what are some of your “hacks”?

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