Nutrisystem Update

I am four days in to my Turbo Takeoff with Nutrisystem. I have have been hungry, had headaches, felt fine, didn’t feel hungry… it has been a rollercoaster. Let me break down a typical Turbo day.

First off, the calories are low for the week, which is hard. The intake is around 1000 or so. Also, 64 Oz of water is a MUST! There have been times where the water is what got me through hunger pangs.

Breakfast: a Nutrisystem entree. This can include a muffin, oatmeal, etc. I try to eat around the same time every day. I have been eating breakfast at around 7.

AM snack- Nutrisystem Shake. You can get chocolate or vanilla. I chose chocolate. You mix the shake with 8 Oz of water and ice. I have just been doing water and it actually tastes pretty good.

Lunch- Nutrisystem entree and veggies. You get 4 helpings of veggies a day. You can split your veggies how you want. I do two at lunch and two at dinner. Next week when I get in to the real 1200 calorie diet, I will switch up how I do the veggies.

PM snack- Curb bar. These are bars with chocolate and peanut butter. Not bad, but definitely not a “candy” bar.

Dinner- Nutrisystem entree and veggies

The plan for Turbo week has 4 servings of veggies, but you can have as many veggies as you want with the exception of starchy veggies like potatoes, corn and peas.

So far it hasn’t been too bad. Some of the food hasn’t been the best, but I have also had some meals that were pretty good. I haven’t had anything that was horrible. I weighed myself on Tuesday and I had lost 2 pounds. I weighed myself in the morning yesterday and I gained a pound back, but by evening I lost it again. From now on, I am going to try to only weigh myself every week or every few days. I dont want to psych myself out.

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