Life Update

I have been a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) for a few months and while I have enjoyed being home with my boys, I have a void sometimes. I sometimes feel like I have lost my purpose. Last year was the hardest year of my life in terms of my career. I was dealing with a lot. I won’t go in much detail, but my job was literally sucking my happiness out of me. God must have known I needed this time to restore my spirit and my sanity. While I still struggle with staying home, I have found joy in several things that I took for granted before.

1. Seeing Eli learn more, even while at home. He asks so many questions (I am a teacher by heart, so I don’t mind all the questions) and we are able to learn and do crafts together. Micah is laughing, smiling, almost rolling, etc. I cant believe he is 3 months old!!

2. I am able to get more into my Bible studies. I am able to have more peace about my situation because I have been able to study and talk to God about it more.

3. I am able to take the boys to see their grandmas more. I want them to see them as much as possible before we don’t have them anymore.

4. I am actually enjoying doing laundry more. We have a new washer and dryer and I like having Eli have me load the laundry and sorting out all our clothes. I am having to do laundry more often since Micah is around (spit up is the culprit), so luckily I am starting to not mind as much.

5. Showers/me time means so much more because I don’t get much of it. I am so blessed to have a husband that will parent with me and allow me to have some alone time to relax each evening for a little bit even though he has worked all day.

6. My MOPS group wouldn’t probably happen if I had a job. If you don’t know what MOPS is, it stands for Moms of Preschoolers. It is a faith-based group that meets at different locations and it is just moms who get together and have some time together. It can be a curriculum based meeting or a fun meeting. They meet every other week and you can go to a morning or evening meeting. I have been to two so far and I am really enjoying it.

Sometimes we don’t understand why things happen, but God is preparing us for something big. I have learned that through everything I have gone through this past year or so. God has a plan!

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