Wal-Mart Beauty Box

The only box I still subscribe to is the Wal-Mart box because it has drug store brands and right now, that is what is in my budget. I got some of the same samples, but they are good ones.

I have gotten this before. Garnier is a good brand for drug store brands. It does a pretty good job. I will be using this next time I wash my hair.

I like Nivea, so I will be using this. It also has aloe Vera, so I may save this for the next time I am in the sun.

I recently bought the face wash for this brand and was not too impressed, but I like my face wash to have a clean scent and this brand didn’t. Maybe the eye cream will be different.

These are always nice to have in the purse for the kids or for me. I keep wet wipes and use them for everything! You can’t go wrong with this sample.

I just used this and had a hard time keeping it on my mouth. After it was done, I didn’t notice much of a difference.

Not impressed with this. I was expecting an actual mask with the product, but it was just a gel you put on your face. The gel didn’t dry intoa mask, it just felt wet. The gel smelled okay, but my face isn’t feeling “refreshed” like it does with some other masks.

Another sample I always seem to get, but it is a decent mascara. I always keep it in my makeup caddy for a backup.

I have ewally been getting in to Mabelline products lately. I will probably be using this one to try it. (Sorry for the blurry picture, I couldnt get a good picture of this one.)

This is a charcoal mask. It says good for oily skin, so I probably wont try it. The last time I tried a face product that was for oily skin (I didnt know it was for oily skin) my face broke out into almost a sunburn type rash. It was horrible!

These are the products that came. I like the beauty box from Wal-Mart because it is a good value for the price and I can find drug store brands that are affordable.

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