Favorite Beauty Products

I haven’t been able to post as much as I want, but I am wanting to put more time into this blog. I had an Instagram for B4Blog too, but now it is faithblog18, so I focus more on faith-based posts there. I will still post some things on here, but I thought I would post some of my favorite beauty products. Many of these are drug store brands, but are very good for the price.

I have had the Clarisonic Mia 2 for years. I couldnt find the charger for a long time and I finally found it (hidden under a ton of beauty stuff in my drawer, of course). When I had used it before, I used it with the face wash it came with, but I tried it with my Aveeno face wash and it did just as well. I would recommend this product. It is a little expensive, but totally worth it, especially if you wear makeup or have been sweating. It gives your face a deep clean and leaves it feeling smooth and fresh. If you put moisturizer on afterward, it feels amazing.

My husband’s cousin was wearing this brand at a family get together one day and said she had been wearing the same coat for over a day (she had a dark color on, so it stays even longer). I decided to try it. I bought the color shown and a more pink/peach color. These lipsticks stay on for a long time. I want to get more colors because of how well they stay on. The only downfall is because they are a “stain,” they dry out the lips. I put on a sheer gloss and it still stays on for a long time.

Because I am not working, I needed a new foundation that wasn’t too expensive. I had a few recommendations for this one. I have really dry skin and am really never able to achieve that “dewy” look. I bought this thinking I wouldnt be able to get the dewy look and I am able to every time. I almost have to use a powder to tone it down some, even with my dry skin. I love the finish gives and the smoothness it gives my skin. The only downfall is, is that it doesn’t stay put all day, at least for me it doesn’t. It is okay though because I usuaally wear it to go out for just a few hours, which is long enough for no touch ups. I love this stuff for the price.

These are my favorite bath bombs! Some bath bombs I have tried are $5 a bomb and just last the one bath. In this package you get 6 bombs and they are about a dollar or less per bomb and they still make your skin feel really soft. They also smell really good and you can get them at Target.

These are just a few things I love right now. I will probably make some more posts of things I love…. I feel like Oprah and her favorite things list. My list is a lot more affordable though.

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