Bible Journaling and Notes- Genesis

I bought a Jesus Bible awhile back and I wanted to take more notes and Bible journal, so I bought a Journal the Word Bible so that I could habe more space to take notes. When I got my new Bible, I copied everything I had from my Jesus Bible and continued to take notes and journal in it. For this post, I thought I would show some of my notes and journaling. Up until a year ago when I bought my Jesus Bible, I didnt really write in my Bible, but now I write in it as much as I can so that I can have notes and reminders throughout.

I made this note for the front of my Bible. I underline and take notes in these colors. Green are verses of encouragement or verses that don’t fit under another category. Red is for people of the Bible. So when it tells about Deborah or David, I underline and take notes in red. Pink are verses I want to remember in my marriage or how to be a good wife, etc. Purple are verses about children or how to raise children. Blue is for verses about works or jobs. Orange is for verses about enemies and how I should act or treat them. Black is for verses that I can apply to my life or show people if they have questions about a certain topic (ex- should they go on ghost tours during Halloween, etc)

I have shared this before, but I love this. I also have one that is for my war binder. I found these on Pinterest.

One thing I do is I like to draw pictures and take notes on sermons I watch on TV or listen to. These are just a few notes I took on a sermon I watched on TV.

I wrote this as a reminder for what the rainbow stands for. It is a reminder of God’s covenant. I wanted this because I stand for the true meaning of the rainbow.

This is just some notes about the fall and how Satan is still making us doubt and wonder about our faith in God. I wrote and underlined in black because it is something I can apply to my life now.

When I dont want to fill up the side of my Bible on one topic, I save room and put post-its on it too. They can be moved when I read the Bible and that gives me room to write about other topics in the verses I read as well. These notes were from the book, Why Her? by Nicki Koziarz. Highly recommend this book, by the way.

Another thing I like to do is make lists. For example, I have the days of creation at the beginning of Genesis, the 10 Commandments, the plagues, etc.

These are just a few things I have added to my Bible from the book of Genesis. I love finding ways to take notes, journal, and study.

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