When I had Eli, my first son, I was able to get to the gym and work out and lose the weight and then some. I was even able to go down a pant size, but with Micah, I havent been able to get the weight off as well. I gained a lot more in the chest area and with not working, a gym membership isn’t something that is on our list of things to buy. I have tried to be motivated to work out at home, but with handling a toddler and a newborn all day, they don’t give me much time to do that. Eli will try to work out with me, but he gets in the way.

I have also tried losing weight with just eating right, but that didn’t work either. I tried Nutrisystem for a month and didn’t really see any results. I haven’t eaten the best because I am just too tired to cook or just don’t feel like it. I got some groceries ordered for today and I got some healthier foods and I am going to try to get back with my eating better.

My struggles with fitness/eating reminds me of God. We are constantly disappointing ourselves and not doing what we set out to do, but the great thing with God is that he accepts us, flaws and all. He loves us whether we are fat or skinny. I guess that I feel like I need to try harder with my fitness because God calls our body a temple. I want to take care of what he has given me, so I am going to keep trying.

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