Anger and Hurt

Last night someone messaged me on social media and told me that they thought I was better than everyone because I had a college degree, got married THEN had babies, and I did things the “right” way. I shouldnt have been hurt that they said those things because 1. Since when is it wrong to do what is right? and 2. I prayed and worked for those things. What hurt me is that this person said I thought I was better than everyone else. When I asked them why they thought that, that was the answer they gave me. It was the most illogical, irrational reason why and I became angry.

After telling them to have a great holiday and blocked them after a ridiculous conversation, I had to sit and calm down. I asked God if there was anything I had said that they could twist (they are notorious for this) and asked for forgiveness in case I said anything that was not Christ-like. I was then reminded of the verse in Ephesians 4:26 where it says “when in anger, do not sin.” It doesn’t say “if you are angry, you will sin.” Anger is not a sin. Jesus became angry , it is how we react when we are angry that is a sin.

If I had reacted by pointing out all this person’s sins and mistakes instead of responding with integrity, that is sin. The verse in Ephesians also continues to say, “don’t let the sun go down while you are angry.” I have always been taught to not go to bed mad. Last night I journaled about the situation in my prayer book and just let God deal with this person.

If you are angry, don’t feel badly about it. It is a natural emotion that even Jesus had. Just think about how you handle it when you are mad.

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