Christian Social Media Accounts to Follow

I have an Instagram account I made where I post things just about faith, God, positivity, etc. I have my personal account where I have my “real life” friends and the makeup, fashion, etc that I follow, but my faith account has just Christian accounts that I follow. Having this account has been a big blessing during a time where I have been weak and needed encouragement. I thought I would post about the accounts that have really blessed me during the past few months.

Tonya Andrews (@tonymandrews)

This lady has a ministry called Encourage Her Ministries. She has an Instagram account as well as a YouTube channel and Facebook. The reason why I am including her is because she has some neat posts on Bible Journaling on her Instagram, but my favorite thing about her is that she has these really great, in-depth Bible studies on her YouTube channel. She does them weekly live on Instagram and Facebook, but then posts the videos on YouTube afterward. You really need to check her out!

Coffee and Bible Time (@coffeeandbibletime)

This account is by two sisters, Taylor and Ashley. They are younger girls (college aged), but they have a real heart for God. They have a YouTube channel that is up to over 100k followers. They post Bible studies, advice to young girls about hard topics, etc. I am older, but they are such great girls and they do very well with their Bible studies. They also have a YouTube channel called Coffee Girls. It is a lifestyle channel about clothes, books, etc. Check these girls out!

Kimberly Jones Pothier (@realtalkkim)

This woman is life to me right now. She has a YouTube channel with her sermons, a Facebook page and and Instagram page. She has also recently written her third book (I am hoping I get it for Christmas). Kimberly Pothier aka Real Talk Kim and her husband minister at a church in Georgia and her sermons are filled with truth and honesty. She talks about dealing with difficult people in our lives as well as encouraging us to go to the next level. Don’t worry, she isn’t a “sugarcoat” minister like some other televangelists who are making millions with their cliche sermons. She is honest and open and even talks about her “mess” before she got in to ministry. Love her!

Candace Payne (@candacepayne)

I absolutely adore Candace Payne. I saw her Chewbacca mom video a couple years ago and loved her infectious laugh and her joy. I never really thought much about it afterward and didn’t even remember her name, but my mom and I went to see Mandisa in concert a few months ago and she was on tour with her. After that, I started following her on Instagram and even read one of her books. She is hilarious and brightens my day with her goofy, honest videos. If she lived in Ohio, I would want her for a real life friend.

Phylicia Sonheimer (@phyliciasonheimer)

This woman is so honest and she speaks openly of her past addictions and struggles. She has Biblically sound posts on her Instagram and her reasoning behind Rachel Hollis’ book, Girl, Wash Your Face not being a Christian book is amazing (and my same thoughts). Check her out.

Those are just a few of my favorite Christian influencers on social media. They have brought me so much encouragement and I have noticed I have been using my phone and social media in a more positive way since having my faith account. If you would like to follow me on instagram, my account is @faithblog18

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