2018 was one of the worst and best years of my life. I left a job and students and people I cared about to go to a higher paying job because Chris and I were wanting to have another baby and my job at the time just didn’t pay very well. When I went to my new job, I realized money wasn’t everything. The students didn’t care about learning (they had the lowest test scores in the state, if that tells you anything), my colleagues were petty and mean to me and gossiped and backstabbed more than any place I have ever been, and I won’t even get started on the organization of the place. By December, my boss and I both agreed that it was not going to work out. I began lookong for other jobs in December 2017, that is how over the place I was. In May when school let out for the summer, I continued to search for teaching jobs. I had a couple of interviews, but nothing worked out. Here it is, December 31, and I am still searching, but God has a plan and I am trusting that I had to go through that horrible journey this year so that 2019 will bring me something amazing.

2018 wasn’t completely horrible.. the best thing to happen in 2018 was of course the birth of my second baby, Micah. He is so beautiful- long lashes, cutest smile, olive complexion(he won’t burn like his brother and me), and is just so sweet. Through this hard time, my boys have been my rock. I never imagined having all boys, but I cant imagine my life any other way.

There are so many things I am praying for for 2019, but I know has some big things planned, I know it!

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