Micahโ€™s Arrival

This post doesn’t really fit under the 4 Bs of my blog, but I thought I would post about the arrival of my newest son, Micah.

On June 25, my husband, Chris left for work at 5:30am. I had been feeling pain when I slept over the past few weeks, so I didn’t think anything of it. After he left, I got up to sit in the recliner to relieve some of my pain. The pain didn’t subside when Eli got up, despite me trying to occupy him (and myself) with a movie. I finally called Chris and asked if he could come home. By the time he made the half hour drive home, I was in pretty good pain. I had our bags ready and we loaded Eli and our dog, Dolly in the car. We took Eli to my parents’ where my mom had a family friend waiting to watch Eli while she worked for the day and we took our dog to my grandma’s (my mom doesn’t like indoor animals, so we always take the dog to my grandma’s).

We arrived at the hospital at about 8am and the nurses had me checked and I was at 4cm already. They hooked me up to my iv and started getting everything ready for an epidural. By 9, my contractions were heavy and very close. I was 7cm by this time and wanted that epidural! The anesthesiologist came in with everything for the epidural. I scared the poor guy because I was LOUD! Micah was much more painful than Eli! He gave me a small dose for the epidural because I am small in stature – 5’1 and 126 (before pregnancy). I was not feeling the pain subside at all, so he was going to give me another dose, but my doctor came in and said, “nope, we are pushing now.” By this time it was about 9:30- 9:45. I was not wanting to push because I was afraid I would have to go hours with no pain relief, but I just went with it and started pushing. At 10:14 Micah was born, so I only had to go 20-30 minutes of pain. If I had known how fast the labor was going to be, I would have not had the epidural because I basically didn’t have one anyway, but oh well.

Micah is two weeks old now and he is such a joy. Eli has adjusted well to being a big brother and loves helping me with bottles and getting things for me when I ask him. He is such a help. I am so blessed to be a boymom and happy with how everything went despite having a different doctor deliver Micah. Both my doctors for both pregnancies were amazing and I love them!


Shopping Haul

I wasnt planning on buying anything while out today, but I found some great things I couldn’t pass up. Here are a few things I found.

Got this hydrating serum from Sephora. It is by Tarte. I have super dry skin and it seems to be working really well so far.

I love anything pineapple flavored and I found this pina colada lip scrub at Miss Selby’s at The Greene. I love Miss Selby’s because it is all natural. If you live out of state, check out her site at Miss Selby’s Soap

I also bought some of her soap, which is what I usually buy when I go there. I bought the Angel scent this time and it does smell heavenly (pun intended ๐Ÿ˜Š)

This is also from Sephora. It is Tarte’a Mermaid line and the color is in salt lyfe. So far it looks good on. I just have to use a gloss with it because I dont really like the feel of lipstick by itself on my lips.

This is how it looks on. Not too dark, not too light.

I want to try to use less chemicals in the products I use, so I found this laundry soap. I thought it would be good to use when Micah comes and I bought a lavender kind for help sleeping for him.

Any time I can find a big brother or little brother shirt, I have to get it. I had to get this when I saw it today. I like the vintage look.

I cant get Eli a big brother shirt without finding a little brother shirt/onesie. I had to get this too.

And lastly I had to get these nude flats. I got through nude flats a lot because they go with everything and can be dressy or casual.


Bible Study Playlist

I was listening to my playlist of my Christian music on Spotify during my Bible Study and it gave me the idea to post some of my favorite songs from my playlist and kind of give a reason why for each one. Some of these are newer, some are from my high school years.

I have been a fan of Kutless since college when a friend introduced me to their music. I didnt listen to Christian much then because I didnt like how “soft” most of it was. She introduced me to some Christian rock and Kutless became one of my favorites. I was even able to sell merchandise for them a couple of times, which was awesome. This song is probably one of my favorites of theirs because of the message about God caring about each of us and we aren’t just another face to him.

Do I really need to explain this one? I loved DC Talk growing up and this was really the first Christian rock song that I loved. It also seemed to be the anthem for all youth groups and camps at the time.

I love Seventh Day Slumber’s worship album because it has a more rock feel to it, but I also love this version and the band because of the lead singer’s testimony. If you don’t know about it, you need to look it up. Very moving.

This was the “Romantic” song for back in the day, but people don’t or didn’t know that it is really a worship song. I love that it can be heard as either, because isn’t that what worship is? A love song to God. I get chills every time I think of it as more of a worship song than a crossover pop rock song. Really listen to it next time as a worship song. I usually cry.

I included this one because 1. It is newer and 2. It gets stuck in my head often. I like the lyrics and really like hearing it when I am doing my Bible Study or getting ready for church on Sunday.

I love this song and it always makes me so happy when this version comes on because it makes me proud that my alma mater has had so much success with their version. It is absolutely beautiful.

This group is the only positive thing my ex gave me a love for. I was able to see them in concert and bawled the whole time. They are so intimate in their worship and this song gets me every time. I was a blubbery mess at the end of this one. If you haven’t heard Shane and Shane and you like more acoustic music, you HAVE to listen to them.

This is a medley of old hymns by Anthem Lights. Although I like more contemporary Christian music, I can never forget my Pentecostal roots. It is how I was raised and what has kept me all these years, so this medley reminds me of where I came from. I am proud of my grandma’s Appalachian roots and Pentecostal background. I am a country girl at heart.

This is probably my favorite version of “Oceans.” If you haven’t heard Caleb and Kelsey, they are another duo you need to check out!


Last Maternity Haul

I have just a few things I was able to wear to work that are spring clothes, so I needed to get some casual shorts and shirts to make it these last few weeks before Micah comes. I went to my tried and true Clothes Mentor and picked up a few things.

Just a lightweight floral top to wear with jean shorts or jeans

I like longer jeans, so I picked up these Bermuda jean shorts. They fit kind of small, but I thought I could wear them after Micah is born for a few weeks until I lose the baby weight.

I was feeling summery and just wanted a causal shirt to wear with jean shorts

I didn’t try this dress on until I got home because I found it at the end and it is a medium , but it fit once I got home. It is a flowy, longer dress, but I thought I could wear it once Micah is born. I loved the sandals too. They have kind of an “African” feel to them. My girls at school would have probably liked them.

Outfit for Memorial Day weekend. Basic white maternity shorts and a red, white and blue top.

One more pair of jean shorts. Jeans are my thing. Love them.

The next thing didn’t come from Clothes Mentor and I will probably will wait until I lose some weight after Micah is born to wear it, but I had to get this. It fits, but I need more coverage at the top. For those of you who know me, you know I LOVE Journey and I love the song “Don’t Stop Believing,” so I had to get this.

The next outfit is Eli’s. It is his outfit for Memaw and Papaw’s cook out tomorrow. Memaw got him a couple outfits too. She didn’t know I bought him something, so he will have some outfits for tomorrow, Monday and the 4th. Sporting our nation’s colors never goes out of style ๐Ÿ™‚


NuSkin part 2

It has been almost a month since my last post. I really haven’t had much to post about. I got a BoxyCharm and a Wal Mart Beauty Box, but I have so much makeup and samples that I may cancel them for awhile.

One thing I have been OBSESSED with lately are the products I have been trying from NuSkin. In my previous post, I had tried the toothpaste and the moisturizer. Since then, I have tried the mud mask, liquid body bar, and ordered the self tanner and hair mask. I am so excited to try those.

The first thing I am going to review is the mud mask.

mud mask

This is the mask that I have been using. Ask me about it! The picture above shows the difference just a couple of days can make. It can clear up skin from acne, blemishes, it tones, and I have even seen people use it for stretch marks. I have also seen men put it under their chin for razor burn. I am going to try to see if my husband will do it to show how great it works.

before and after mask

The picture above is a before and after picture after just once use. The picture on the left has a few bumps and lines, but on the right, my skin is more smooth. I do the mask 2-3 times a week, sometimes less, because I don’t want to use it so quickly. I could honestly use it every day if I could.

There are a couple of things about the mask- because it does draw out the impurities and toxins, it does make my face red for a few hours afterward. Not everyone is the same, so you may not have the same effect. I use it in the evening and follow up with the daily moisturizer I mentioned in my previous post. By the time I wake up, my skin is refreshed and the redness is gone. My skin is very dry and sensitive, so if you have oily or combination skin, you may not have any redness at all. All I can say is I LOVE this product!!


The four pictures above are the four products I have tried (and loved) so far. I try to buy new products to try every week or two because I am loving everything I am trying. So far I have a new mask, moisturizer, toothpaste and body wash that I swear by. By the end, I would like to totally be converted to this company because I am really loving everything and I am wanting to promote it because it is something I am sold on.


Below is a picture of when I started using the toothpaste and after a couple of weeks of using it. I have noticed a big difference in my teeth. I brush my teeth in the morning and I eat and drink throughout the day and when I brush my teeth in the evening, I don’t feel that grimy feeling on my teeth that I did before. My teeth are still smooth and my mouth doesn’t feel gross. You have to try this stuff!!!

before and after



I recently decided to try the toothpaste I have seen every one trying and swearing by. If you haven’t heard of NuSkin, you need to try it. It is a company that sells several beauty and health products. I was talked to about it by a girl I know and I was skeptical about being a distributor until I tried it. I also bought a daily moisturizer to try because my skin has been so dry lately.

Let’s just say…. I am sold!

The toothpaste comes with or without fluoride. I chose the fluoride and the first time trying it I was afraid it would taste gross, because let’s be honest- most toothpaste that claims to whiten at least 3 shades is usually not that great. When I was finished brushing, I was excited because the toothpaste tasted great and my teeth felt clean all day. Usually after being at work, eating lunch and going the whole day before brushing in the evening, my teeth usually had that scummy feeling , but after using this, they still felt clean. I am currently pregnant and very cautious about trying things like this, but this is safe enough for pregnant women and kids.

The next product I ordered with my toothpaste was the moisture restore day. It is a day moisturizer. I have had very dry skin lately. Part of the reason for that is because I am pregnant and a teacher- I need to hydrate, but haven’t been very good at doing that because I cant go to the bathroom whenever I want. I am trying to hydrate more, but sometimes I get busy too.


I put this on one morning and my dry skin was a lot less noticeable by the end of the day. It is a day moisturizer, but I will use it before bed too because I am that addicted to how it is making my skin feel. It comes in a fairly small bottle, but it doesn’t take much to use. I am trying to not be greedy with it, but it is addicting!

I am sold on the products I have tried so far. It has been just over a week since I started using them and I have already put in another order to try two more products that Nu Skin has to offer.

If you are interested in these products or the company, follow me on Facebook at nuskinbyaimee and on Instagram at nuskinbyaimee2018.