NuSkin part 2

It has been almost a month since my last post. I really haven’t had much to post about. I got a BoxyCharm and a Wal Mart Beauty Box, but I have so much makeup and samples that I may cancel them for awhile.

One thing I have been OBSESSED with lately are the products I have been trying from NuSkin. In my previous post, I had tried the toothpaste and the moisturizer. Since then, I have tried the mud mask, liquid body bar, and ordered the self tanner and hair mask. I am so excited to try those.

The first thing I am going to review is the mud mask.

mud mask

This is the mask that I have been using. Ask me about it! The picture above shows the difference just a couple of days can make. It can clear up skin from acne, blemishes, it tones, and I have even seen people use it for stretch marks. I have also seen men put it under their chin for razor burn. I am going to try to see if my husband will do it to show how great it works.

before and after mask

The picture above is a before and after picture after just once use. The picture on the left has a few bumps and lines, but on the right, my skin is more smooth. I do the mask 2-3 times a week, sometimes less, because I don’t want to use it so quickly. I could honestly use it every day if I could.

There are a couple of things about the mask- because it does draw out the impurities and toxins, it does make my face red for a few hours afterward. Not everyone is the same, so you may not have the same effect. I use it in the evening and follow up with the daily moisturizer I mentioned in my previous post. By the time I wake up, my skin is refreshed and the redness is gone. My skin is very dry and sensitive, so if you have oily or combination skin, you may not have any redness at all. All I can say is I LOVE this product!!



The four pictures above are the four products I have tried (and loved) so far. I try to buy new products to try every week or two because I am loving everything I am trying. So far I have a new mask, moisturizer, toothpaste and body wash that I swear by. By the end, I would like to totally be converted to this company because I am really loving everything and I am wanting to promote it because it is something I am sold on.


Below is a picture of when I started using the toothpaste and after a couple of weeks of using it. I have noticed a big difference in my teeth. I brush my teeth in the morning and I eat and drink throughout the day and when I brush my teeth in the evening, I don’t feel that grimy feeling on my teeth that I did before. My teeth are still smooth and my mouth doesn’t feel gross. You have to try this stuff!!!

before and after



I recently decided to try the toothpaste I have seen every one trying and swearing by. If you haven’t heard of NuSkin, you need to try it. It is a company that sells several beauty and health products. I was talked to about it by a girl I know and I was skeptical about being a distributor until I tried it. I also bought a daily moisturizer to try because my skin has been so dry lately.

Let’s just say…. I am sold!

The toothpaste comes with or without fluoride. I chose the fluoride and the first time trying it I was afraid it would taste gross, because let’s be honest- most toothpaste that claims to whiten at least 3 shades is usually not that great. When I was finished brushing, I was excited because the toothpaste tasted great and my teeth felt clean all day. Usually after being at work, eating lunch and going the whole day before brushing in the evening, my teeth usually had that scummy feeling , but after using this, they still felt clean. I am currently pregnant and very cautious about trying things like this, but this is safe enough for pregnant women and kids.

The next product I ordered with my toothpaste was the moisture restore day. It is a day moisturizer. I have had very dry skin lately. Part of the reason for that is because I am pregnant and a teacher- I need to hydrate, but haven’t been very good at doing that because I cant go to the bathroom whenever I want. I am trying to hydrate more, but sometimes I get busy too.


I put this on one morning and my dry skin was a lot less noticeable by the end of the day. It is a day moisturizer, but I will use it before bed too because I am that addicted to how it is making my skin feel. It comes in a fairly small bottle, but it doesn’t take much to use. I am trying to not be greedy with it, but it is addicting!

I am sold on the products I have tried so far. It has been just over a week since I started using them and I have already put in another order to try two more products that Nu Skin has to offer.

If you are interested in these products or the company, follow me on Facebook at nuskinbyaimee and on Instagram at nuskinbyaimee2018.


Target Beauty Haul

I love looking in the makeup/toiletry aisle in Target. If I see something I want to try, I get it . This weekend I picked up a few things I wanted to try.

This is another scent of the Me! Bath Bombs that I love. It is the summer rain scent. I tried one tonight and it smelled so good. I want to try the birthday cake scent next time.

I have really dry skin, so I tried this mask on Saturday. It did a good job at the time, but my face didn’t feel any more “hydrated” the next morning.

I put this on my lips and I didnt feel like it really did anything. It started to sting and it didn’t feel like there was anything on the mask, so I took it off.

I have not tried this yet, but I like brightening masks, so hopefully this will work well.

What are your favorite Target beauty finds??


Boxy Charm

I haven’t subscribed to Ipsy or FabFitFun in awhile and I wanted to try another box besides my Wal Mart Beauty Box. I decided to go with Boxy Charm. Below I will show what I got and give a review or info about it. I havent tried everything yet, but am looking forward to trying it all.

This is an eyeshadow palette. It is by Pur. I have some primer from this brand and I like it, so I am looking forward to trying it. I have looked up some tutorials on YouTube using this palette, so I am going to try one soon.

I love the packaging on this. Don’t really like the name though. The blush seems a little too bright for me. I tried some without makeup on and it was too pink, but I am going to try it when I have foundation on to see if I like it.

I have some of this brand mascara and it is pretty decent. I will keep it as a back up, but I swear by Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara.

These are some makeup brushes and they seem to be good quality from what I can tell. I can always use more eye brushes.

I love masks, facials, creams, etc for the face just because I dont want wrinkles. My mom taught me at a young age to take care of my skin, don’t tan too much, etc. I actually have these on as I am posting this. I am hoping it does a good job. It came with three packs, so I was excited about that.

This was a good deal for how much I got. It was $20 and I got over $130 worth of stuff. I may have to try this box again.

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I was listening to the Bible on CD when I was in my car today. It was on Numbers 11. In this chapter, the Israelites were complaining about the manna that God gave them to eat. They wanted meat and referred to when they were in Egypt and ate whatever they wanted. Instead of being grateful to God for delivering them from slavery and Egypt and for providing hundreds of thousands of them with food, they complained. This made my heart hurt because even over 2000 years later, we are still complaining. We complain about our circumstances rather than be grateful for what we do have or trusting that God will deliver us from our circumstances.

Moses also complains in this chapter. He questions God’s decision in making him a leader. Churches all over preach about what an awesome leader Moses was, but throughout the Old Testament he questions God and His decision about making him a leader. He makes excuses as to why he can’t do it (ie- speech problems). Rather than be honored and be bold, he is constantly questioning God.

These were just a couple of things that I was thinking about as I listened to Numbers today. It still applies today. We have too many people complaining and questioning God when we should have grateful hearts and be bold.

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Recipe: Southern Cabbage

My husband likes kilbasa sausage with a couple sides. I usually fix mashed potatoes and a green of some sort. He doesn’t like cabbage and I love it, so I made just enough today for myself for dinner tonight. I havent really made it homemade before. I usually get the canned southern cabbage, and it is good, but I wanted to make my own. Below is how I made mine.

I started by filling my pan with chicken broth, tearing up the cabbage, adding bacon bits- I didn’t have real bacon, so I improvised, and added some onion flakes. I started cooking on low and stirring everything for a couple of minutes to let everything soak together. After a couple of minutes, I put it on high and put the lid on for a few minutes.

When it was cooking, I added a little bit of salt (didn’t really need to do that, the broth gave it enough flavor) and let it cook a little longer. This is what it looked like when I finished. I could have made more, but I will have another side and the sausage and that will be enough for dinner.